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The Media Hub plugs into the Vennture platform to give you more control over your content. You can host videos, podcasts and articles with ease, in a secure, powerful location. 

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The Media Hub is designed for those brands that want to level up their content culture. It gives you the ability to create and edit multiple forms of content for a more engaging user experience.

You can quickly publish content and engage with your users in a dedicated area of your website. Built on Azure, the Vennture system stores large amounts of content with ease. So whether you're sharing videos, articles or podcasts, the simple dashboard makes light work of what used to be a big job.

A dynamic solution for content sharing.

Our integrated Media Hub solution combines cognitive search ability with beautiful optimised design to enhance the user journey engaging with both active and passive users.

See the traffic to your site and capture more data on how users are interacting with your content. Through the Google Data Studio integration, you can clearly see the impact of your marketing for the continued optimisation of your content strategy.

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01Creating a content culture.

There's no denying the importance of targetted, engaging content on your site. With even more brands competing to become thought leaders in their market, it's your knowledge that stands you apart from the crowd. 

Content is at the core of your customer conversations and plays a key role in conversion. We all know the importance of a blog, but with the demand for more videos, more podcasts and more knowledge sharing, you need a tool that can keep up.

The Media Hub combines optimised page layouts with powerful publishing abilities to grab your users attention.

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Features & functionality.

Amplify the way you share your content.

Create your own community and share more content than ever before without compromising on design. As a feature of the SaaS Vennture platform, the Media Hub offers a simpler way to publish content without additional software. 

The easy to use dashboard features blog editor functionality similar to our CMS. This means you can create and edit content as you see it in real-time. You can set permissions, giving people different access levels, so you have full control over what's being published. By bringing all your website management tools together on the Vennture dashboard, you can see a clear overview of your traffic and analyse the effectiveness of your content.

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01.Benefits for your audience.

  • Cognitive keyword search ability
  • Simplified search and navigation with category filters
  • Optimised page layout designs for optimised UX
  • Create author pages for a more personal experience

02.Benefits for you.

  • Ability to tag content for better user experience
  • Optimise your SEO and rank for more keywords
  • Set-up related news & featured news for better navigation
  • Allow readers to comment and create meaningful conversations

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