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Career legal needed a website that could represent their business online, followed by sister site cloning for their specialism sectors.

Our brief was to create a website that accurately represented the Career Legal brand. One that gave them recruitment functionality that could be repurposed across the two sister site clones for their two main specialisms, HYF and DVF.

Career Legal wanted a new website and branding that reflected their industry in a much more approachable way - being in legal recruitment they didn't want to come across as too old and stagnant and required a much fresher, cleaner feel to the website. The website was a success and allowed us to bring their sister brands in-line with new websites that also reflected the same look and feel, unifying the experience across all three sites. Emily Sharples / Project Manager - Venn

Career Legal Launch

The initial brief was to build a bespoke website for Career Legal, one that would allow them to stand out in the legal recruitment industry. The brand needed an exciting new design that remained tasteful, classy and refined. - Formal but no longer dry.

The first step was the Career Legal site build, with the cloned sites launching after this initial design was live. This included branding consultation and bespoke web design.

After assisting with the rebrand, we focused on the functionality and design features desired by the business. The sites included; a concise and functional candidate dashboard, Intuitive predictive search and onsite sectors to manage a large input of data and transactional information.

DVF & HYF Cloning

By first building a core product that met the business goals, we then cloned it twice to create the HYF and DVF sites. Each specialism site needed its own branding and identity, achieved through colour alterations. Both cloned sites also needed to have a clear link back to the original site and branding, maintaining the original brand ethos.

By utilising the existing material from the first site build, we were able to complete this huge project smoothly. Equally, the connection between the sites allowed for continuous improvement of the original site and clones throughout the entire project. In simple terms, we were able to add new flares and features on the sister sites that could be pulled through to the first project helping to reinforce consistency and improve overall functionality over time.

This project shows how cloning can simplify a large project and provide a cost-effective solution to the creation of three standalone websites, built within quick succession.

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