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Streamline your job discovery process, enhance user engagement, and optimise your recruitment website with this new and improved AI-powered job search.

Enhance your job search with our candidate-focused experience.

Map View Job Search for an Enhanced User Experience

Empower your users to explore job opportunities seamlessly through an intuitive map display, providing a visual representation of office locations and helping candidates make more informed decisions. 

With options for map, grid, or list view, job discovery is easier than ever before. This global map functionality supports candidates looking to relocate, commute or even emigrate, offering a supportive and reassuring experience. 

Elevate User Experience Now

Commute Search Based on Travel Mode and Time

Increase user retention and satisfaction by allowing candidates to efficiently narrow down job options based on commute preferences, ensuring a perfect balance between career and lifestyle.

We understand there's a big difference between commuting into the city and out of the city. With work-life balance high on the priority list for many candidates, as they phase away from remote working, our commute search offers a new dimension of job discovery to improve the quality of applications. 

Candidates can search by distance or mode of transport for accurate commute-based searches. The job search also pulls through local public transport information to show accurate travel times.

Personalised Job Matching & Relevancy-Based Search Results

Improve user engagement and satisfaction by offering personalised job matching beyond traditional keyword searches, delivering relevant results tailored to their preferences.

The AI search functionality improves results by understanding related titles, spelling mistakes, and industry terms. Advanced industry jargon recognition reduces the risk of no results when acronyms or alternative terms are used.

Enhance Commute Search

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