The Brief

Our initial objective was to improve the search performance for We Buy Any House, and in response, Venn created an end-to-end online strategy utilising paid search, display, paid social, CRO and organic.  

Selling a house can be a long and frustrating process, but We Buy Any House alleviate these complications for their target audience – those who need to sell their house quickly. Customer’s circumstances can be quite sensitive (divorce, death, financial difficulties) and so we needed to create a campaign that instilled trust, so they could take the hassle out of selling a home.

This market is extremely competitive and hugely saturated with several companies competing with very similar brand names.

The Solution

We defined the target audience nationally and then designed the strategy which considered the market, output/creative, conversion funnel integrating all paid channels, all in a timeline which coincided with a quick house sale. Finally, results were analysed on a weekly and monthly basis, the campaign refined learnings fed back in to the campaign for further optimisation.

The online house buying/selling market is extremely competitive and we had to use our creativity to stand out from the competition.

There were 10 main parts to the strategy of which we have taken a summary. We produced video content to build customer trust onsite, creation of dedicated PPC pages, CRO looking at performance of the dedicated PPC page. New landing pages for each of the best performing areas in the UK were created with a looped video used to increase engagement and conversion on site. For paid search, accounts were restructured in line with best practice improving all segments and display creative was optimised and both channels were amended with site and industry changes alongside ambitions of short, medium and long-term campaigns complementing other channels both on and offline. A hub of onsite content related to key reasons why customers sell their houses. 

Simon Facey, Head of Paid Media
I am particularly proud of this campaign as results were gained by utilising the client's existing budget and using it much more effectively. Our methodology and approach proved our ability to fully understand the target audience, tailor a bespoke solution in a competitive market and more than exceed client’s expectations.

The Results

The results below speak for themselves. Aside from an increase in conversions we are pleased to show the proportion of qualified leads has increased. This is important as it shows that lead quality has improved despite us trying new channels and different propositions.

We Buy any House