We Buy Any House
We Buy Any House

This market is extremely competitive and hugely saturated, with several companies competing with very similar brand names.

Our initial objective was to improve the search performance for WeBuyAnyHouse.co.uk. We knew that customer’s circumstances can be quite sensitive and so we created a campaign that instilled trust, so they could take the hassle out of selling a home.

Venn managed our search marketing and web development and i have been delighted with the service i have had from them. The account management is always responsive, and they have helped us constantly stay ahead of the industry with the specialists working on our account, particularly in PPC. Tom Floyd / Head of Digital - WeBuyAnyHouse.co.uk

We created a multi-channel strategy which consisted of 10 key parts. To begin, we defined the target audience nationally and then designed the strategy which considered the market, output/creative, conversion funnel integrating all paid channels, all in a timeline which coincided with a quick house sale.


01.The Solution

We produced video content to build customer trust on site, creation of PPC landing pages, CRO looking at the performance of the specific PPC pages. We also created new landing pages for each of the best performing areas in the UK, with a looped video to increase engagement and conversion on site.

For paid search, accounts were restructured in line with best practice and our creative teams optimised the Display and copy. All channels were updated with the site and industry changes alongside ambitions of short, medium and long-term campaigns complementing other channels both on and offline.

To help boost organic performance, we created a hub of content onsite in relation to how and why people need to sell their houses quickly.

02.The Results

In addition to the substantial increase in traffic and conversions, we are pleased to show the proportion of qualified leads has increased. This shows that despite us trying new channels and different propositions, we have improved the overall lead quality.

From an SEO perspective, we saw a significant improvement in Keyword Rankings and our long-tail keyword focussed blog content resulted in a featured snippet for "Can I sell my house to my son for £1".

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