Hear and Now

The Brief

Biobeats are a tech innovator looking to change the way people think about and act on stress. They came to us wanting to increase downloads of Hear and Now, their stress relief app that monitors stress levels and uses clinically proven breathing technique to tackle them.

With the short and long term goals of user acquisition, we built a new landing page to provide a worthy home for the app and set about developing a content marketing strategy.

The Solution

To create a buzz and bring something extra to the landing page, we workshopped a creative launch idea. As a significant number of people who get overwhelmed by stress never take a moment to stop, we decided to capture this and the app’s breathing technique in a video.

Our idea was to use the company's co-founder and CEO, David Plans’ skill as a pianist to make people stop in a crowded area, and then use the attention to showcase the app, its technique and its immediate effects.

Before long, we had booked a piano in St Pancras railway station. As a busy commuter location, it was perfect to capture the feeling of the idea’s central message: while people are always rushing from place to place, stress isn’t going anywhere.

Meanwhile, our paid media strategy was already underway, driving immediate traffic and downloads. We initially cast the net wide to gather information, using Display app install and starter campaigns across two countries. After the first month, the strategy was expanded to include more countries as well as social and iOS Search. Spreading the activity and testing new areas allowed for greater uptake for different platforms and audiences. As we expanded, we made informed structural improvements to each campaign and optimised throughout.

Simon Facey, Head of Paid Media
It’s vital for any new app business to be able to drive a large number of downloads at a low cost. By tapping into several regions and utilising multiple platforms, it was possible to quickly build a fantastic user base for Hear and Now.

The Results

From storyboarding and running the day to filming and editing the footage, we saw the video through from start-to-finish. The end result not only captures the feeling of being stressed and highlights the importance of taking a moment, but demonstrates the app and shows the positive, natural reactions of people using it. The final cut is featured on the top banner of the new Hear and Now page and a shorter version is used in further social campaigns.

As for our paid media strategy, the research and targeting allowed us to capitalise on larger traffic volumes and accelerated the conversion totals far beyond early expectations. The campaigns resulted in over 20,000 app installs in the first three months, at an average cost per download of 77p by month three. The average cost to advertisers for app downloads quoted in May 2016 was $1.46 on iOS (–3% YoY) meaning Hear and Now’s CPA was almost 50% cheaper than the average.