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We have designed the latest front cover for Figaro Digital's quarterly magazine focussing on Digital Disruption.

Ben from our team of designers worked closely with the team at Figaro Digital to create an eye-catching front cover packed with detail. The cover reflects the cutting-edge innovation and technologies causing disruption including Drones, Driverless cars, Virtual & Augmented Reality and co-working spaces.

Designer Ben Ost Said:

The idea was to show the more positive side of digital disruption, as people usually focus on businesses failing because they weren't ready i.e. Blockbuster v Netflix. We decided to highlight the positives, from cheaper/easier to access workspaces for startups like WeWork, to easier consumer high street shopping experiences like amazon go and Tesco pay plus and business embracing VR and AR to better sell products like holidays and furniture (i.e. Thomas Cook “Try before you fly” and Ikea Place App).

The artwork reflected that with its fun colourful style. And the isometric layout was inspired by the classic game The Sims. We chose this because The Sims is a game where you digitally take control of a world you create. Digital disruption means more people are taking control of the world around in a digital way, more than ever before.

Read the online version here

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