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This month marks two very special work anniversaries here at Venn.

Joining Venn as a member of the SEO team, Leah has worked her way up to Operations Director over the last eight years, becoming an integral part of our board.

Nathan joined Venn three years ago, coming from a background in Global SEO and account management. Nathan is now the source of all SEO knowledge, helping clients achieve fantastic results as our department head.

To celebrate the occasion, we've caught up with them both to reminisce about their time here at Venn and discuss what's still to come.


Tell us about your role.

Leah: "As Ops Director, my role is to make sure our customers have the best experience and the team have everything they need to deliver it.

With the project team, it's all about nailing the brief and hitting deadlines. With the performance team, it's about quick turnarounds and generating results!

We're also evolving our platforms, relaunching as SaaS. This means changes in behaviour and business processes internally, so it's my job to make sure it happens smoothly."


Nathan: "My role is an all-encompassing role when it comes to Digital Marketing.

I primarily specialise within Organic Search or SEO. I audit and implement technical fixes on client websites to help improve their organic visibility within search engines. I also devise SEO strategies for clients to navigate their way through the digital space."


What does a typical day look like?

Nathan: "A typical day starts by going through all client accounts and ensuring that everything is in working order. This includes checking Google Analytics, Google Search Console and running a daily crawl to know exactly what is happening across all client sites.

From then, it's looking into the scheduling system and working on the allocated tasks for the day, focussing on one client at a time. I try to leave a slot for admin time first thing in the morning, late afternoon, and just before finishing up for the day."

Leah: "Every day starts with a 15 mins Teams stand-up. We started these at the beginning of lockdown to keep people sane, but they've become an important part of getting sh*t done.

As we're pushing towards delivering a SaaS-based B2B selling platform, my days are currently spent looking at how we move from a project business to a product mindset. It will mean the platform is evergreen for our customers, but how we project manage this in-house is slightly different. My role is to make sure the teams are aligned and have slick tech and processes to support them.

I also work really closely with the performance team. SEO is my background so I love to get involved in strategy and campaign planning. Our strategists are incredibly talented and achieve amazing results for our clients, so it's great to challenge each other as a team on what we can do better.

To support our growth, we're on a big recruitment drive, and since the beginning of the year, part of my day-to-day involves recruiting the right new teammates."


How has your role at Venn progressed?

Leah: "This is a great question for me! I joined Venn as a part of the SEO team, a content creator and outreach strategist. I loved this role as it was so creative and challenging.

I studied at the Chartered Institute of Marketing and had been working as an in-house Marketing Exec. Not long after joining the SEO team, I was asked if I'd consider moving to Account Management. The AM team are focused on Digital Strategy and achieving results, and I jumped at this opportunity as I was keen to be involved in all parts of digital strategy not just SEO….. I still (not-so) secretly hold a soft spot for SEO out of the channel mix.

I progressed to Head of Client Services after a good few years in Account Management. Looking after the client portfolio at Venn supported by the brilliant team around me is something I felt incredibly proud to do. It's a lot of pressure, but I thrive on providing amazing service to our clients and the reward it brings when it goes well.

This brings me to the now – I took a year out to become a Mum (the hardest job to date by far 😉) and, after returning to work, I was promoted into the position of Ops Director. It's my biggest challenge to date at Venn, there are so many talented people, and their collective energy is a force to be reckoned with. Currently, the business is going through some exciting changes, and it's my job to make sure it's a smooth transition."


Nathan: "My role at Venn has progressed a lot since I joined back in April 2018. When I first started, I was only running audits and fixing issues that cropped up on client sites. However, over the past three years, my role and responsibilities have changed. I am now managing a junior search executive, I'm responsible for all search strategies that are in place for clients, and I'm able to contribute towards pitch environments.

Working at Venn has given me plenty of opportunities to learn, grow and develop my skills as a marketer, which has been amazing."


What are your top 3 favourite things about Venn?

Leah: "This is going to sound cheesy! But…

  1. The people – I have never worked with people with such passion, talent and energy for what they love to do.
  2. The clients – Customers come to Venn because they want to see their businesses grow. We get pushed hard some days but we're better because of it.
  3. The creativity – I say this a lot, and people immediately think of the design team. But whether it's visuals, functionality or people solving problems I love being in a creative industry."


Nathan: "It has to be...

  1. People
  2. Opportunity
  3. Knowledge & Expertise - Our design and development team are industry-leading experts. Give them a brief, and they will make the impossible possible, which is truly remarkable."


What has been your favourite project/ client success story?

Nathan: "There have been many projects that I've enjoyed working on over the past three years. However, the one client success story that I always immediately point towards is Armstrong Craven. They have been on an incredible digital transformation journey with us in terms of design and content offering. The results speak for themselves and are a testament to the Venn team."


Leah: "I have two… One is Bahco. They came to us with no digital presence, a company with a global reach and years of heritage, but they struggled to translate this online. They also battled with a centralised vs local approach to marketing. Our solution was a global website that can be managed centrally for brand control but edited locally for relevance.

The other is Pareto. Venn has always managed Pareto's website from the design and build to ongoing maintenance. There was a period they flirted with another agency for SEO/PPC. The grass isn't always greener, and we're now supporting them again as their brand strategist and performance marketing partner. The results and the returns our team are providing are smashing YoY Pareto targets! I couldn't feel prouder."


Interested in joining our fabulous team of experts? It's your lucky day because we have several job vacancies waiting for your application. 

As we continue to grow our team, we encourage everyone who's interested, to get in touch. Even if we don't have your dream role open right now, we are always on the lookout for fresh new talent. 

Head over to our careers page to learn more about our culture and view or current vacancies. 

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