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During the Super Bowl 2013 there was an unexpected 35 minute blackout in the third quarter which helped swing the rhythm of the game in the 49’rs favour. As it transpired, the blackout may have served as a monumental game changer, much in the same way a tennis star can come back from the brink after the saving grace of a downpour.  Whilst the 35 minute interruption allowed the 49’rs to gather themselves and mount a comeback,  it was halted 10 yards before The Ravens end zone line and Baltimore eventually ran out 34-31 victors with a last ditch bout of defensive defiance from The Ravens to stop four plays in the last two minutes. 

Brands capitalise via Twitter

Social Media once again displayed its ability as one of the most reactive mediums available to consumers and indeed the brands that use the trending popularity of a particular theme to gain exposure. Oreo released a very simple twitter photo in response to the Super Bowl blackout, complete with the caption “Power out? No problem, you can still dunk in the dark.” It was met by a rapturously positive response on Twitter where it was retweeted and favourited thousands of times. Even Audi managed to sneak a humorous jibe at the organisers by tweeting “Sending some LEDs to the @MBUSA Superdome right now.”

The ROI of a tweet

Super Bowl adverts cost exuberant sums of money to air and in many cases to produce. Oreo, however, may have managed to gain more exposure, more valid positive receptions and clearly greater measurable engagement than the brands paying millions of dollars to appear on a 60 second cameo. Oreao and Audi’s timely and well executed tweets affirm that the instantaneous nature of social platforms such as Twitter can allow brands a chance to connect with audiences on a greater level worth more than any paid for advert.

Live in the moment

The Doritos advert was a crowdsourced effort, allowing Dorito’s fans to nominate their favourite to be aired at the Super Bowl. This crowdsourcing technique was obviously used very successfully due to the plaudits the advert received on social media and in the press. Crowdsourcing is something which is continuing to gain increasing popularity, and something which we believe will continue to influence brands that are looking to gain more insights into their actual audience, as well as the humour or behavioural tendencies which they align themselves with.

Bottom line? Brands need to be proactive and live in the moment with their audience if they truly want to connect with consumers.

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